About me

Welcome to my site!

I work at Microsoft Research where I am more a less a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. In other words I am a generalist that specializes in caring about my work and the people around me.

I just married the most incredible woman in the world… Melody. I met her while hiking in the Cascade Mountains in early 2011, about a year later we tied the knot. Boy, I tell you, if I knew how cool being married was, I would have done it at 18.

I’ll try to map out a chronological list of my life. <This is incomplete>


Born in Seattle 1960’s
Grade School Schmitz Park Elementary, West Seattle
Grade School Chimacum Elementary, Chimacum Wa
Grade School Capt. Charles Wilkes, Bainbridge Island WA
Middle School Commodore Middle School, Bainbridge Island WA
Junior High Port Townsend Junior High
High School Port Townsend High School
Service Unites States Marine Corps
Work Poulsbo Market Place
Work Water Street Deli
Work Sea Galley
Work Town Tavern
Work Port Townsend Taxi
Work Tide Chevrolet

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